In the fall of 2004, some gamers at HP realized they could seriously improve upon the gaming systems that were currently in the market. So they set out to develop a high-performance machine with innovative features and technology to meet the needs of gamers and PC Enthusiasts. The project was named Blackbird 002 after another piece of advanced technology that required radical innovation to deliver raw speed and power – the Blackbird SR-71 spy plane.

During the HP Blackbird 002’s early development, HP benchmarked their progress against another gaming innovator, VoodooPC. HP saw that VoodooPC was creating machines with advanced gaming features and technology unlike anything else on the market. As it happened, VoodooPC was looking for a partner to help them take their vision to the next level.

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 1991, VoodooPC’s formative stages of design and manufacturing were based in the northern climes of Alberta. In its early years VoodooPC focused on distinctive innovations, letting loose key breakthroughs that helped define a unique approach. VoodooPC’s Eye of The Storm, the industry’s first custom-cut side panel, made a bold statement about viewing the inner workings of the modern computer as art. The introduction of Origami cabling system, with its striking, cleanly simple balance of form and function, did away with the tangled mess of wires and cables plaguing other PCs, while opening up the interior of Voodoo machines to flow-through air cooling.

By 2006, the VoodooPC Omen desktop and the Envy notebook had become industry icons, and the VoodooPC name was growing synonymous with gaming and high-performance entertainment PC technology. In order to evolve, VoodooPC needed a partner that shared its passion for innovation and had the resources to help turn dreams into reality. As a result, Hewlett-Packard and VoodooPC was a perfect union, combining the VoodooPC passion with one of the world’s largest technology companies—one rich with a culture driven by innovation and industrial design.

The HP Blackbird 002 became the joint team’s first collaboration and featured radical design concepts that set the HP Blackbird 002 apart from other top-end computers. To facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas during development, HP instituted its trusted Next Bench strategy. Instead of a top engineer on the project handing his design to an assistant for further refinement, it is passed along to the ‘next bench’ – the next top engineer/gamer down the line. As a result, the HP Blackbird 002 is the product of collaboration from some of the best minds in the computer industry. To date, the HP Blackbird 002 has won over a dozen Editor’s Choice awards as well as many awards for Design and Innovation after its release in September, 2007.

This is just the beginning of the HP and Voodoo story. In the summer of 2008, HP and Voodoo introduced two over-the-top products, the Voodoo Envy 133 notebook PC, and the Voodoo Omen desktop PC. Both products redefine the meaning of performance, using new materials like carbon fiber, employing new quick-boot tools like Instant-On software and delivering unmatched experiences for design and operation.

In January 2009, we launched HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA – a new generation of performance PC that brings together power and efficiency in a smaller form factor.

As we move into the future, the joint teams at HP and Voodoo will continue to bring you high-performance, market-leading machines to enhance your work, and more importantly, your play.